Mathematics in Medicine

I realised one incidental advantage in liking and working on math. Trying to understand pure math, does help it make easier to understand statistical analysis used in medical research. There is a free biostat course at AFIP's website. It is good to understand basic concepts. Once that is done then one can use vassarstat website to see how one can use it for statistical analysis.

____Sachin                                                                                                                                        27/01/2007 18:54:30

My Math Reverie

Getting ill makes me quite nostalgic about good old days. Recently I was down for 3 days with viral fever, and you need not guess, lying in bed recuperating, got me back in old times; back in '89 - '90, when we used to prepare for IIT JEE (got no where near clearing it, Dad convinced me that you will do well to be a Doc, and here I am!). And my mind reverted back to the days when we used to love mathematics, physics and chemistry.

Of the three subjects I used take pride in math, I liked the way we had to juggle numbers, prove equations, and arrive at that magic conclusion Left hand side = Right hand side. Now I am realizing that there is more to it than just matching left and right side!

I thought lets explore it again, so checked web resources for mathematics, and found a real treasure trove. Of which I really liked the wikipedia as a resource. It seems to me to be a good starting point for understanding math. There it was... the algebra, calculus, trigonometry in all its beauty! Alegbra with its real numbers, complex numbers, polynomials and quadratic equations. It still sounded exciting.

I hope to take it up in my spare time and not so spare time. It is good to take mind away from humdrum things, and make the brain sharper.

Bye for now!

____Sachin                                                                                                                                              15/09/2006 11:29:09