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17/10/06 to 19/10/06

Kale Path Lab.

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Some Presentations:

Internt Tour Bus for Doctors!  (7.74 MB zip file,  download, unzip, find the presentation inet final.pps; click on it to view the show)

Medical errors: What is the current thinking? (An 8.5 MB ppt file.)


Travel: Goa Galleries

A closet Mathematics fan

Swimming: Adeventures of Aquatic Ape!


Fist Fight at Fort Agauda!

Home on the Coco beach

Coconut trees at Coco beach

Men and the sea: Fishing at Coco beach

Sunset at Calangute

View from the hotel room

Lunch at Baga beach

Waghatore beach


Goa Gallery - 2

Goa Gallery - 3